Amendment Fees:
Any changes made to a reservation after successfully submitting the order online and 7 days before the departure date will incur a $25.00 Amendment Fee (per change). Reservations will be confirmed within one to two business days. The following constitute as an amendment:
• Changing departure date
• Changing pick up time or location
• Changing guest name
• Changing itinerary
• Removing / Replacing a guest
• Adding / Replacing a guest
• The $25.00 amendment fee is a minimum tour change fee. If you request multiple changes and/or request the adjustments at the last minute, additional fees may apply (in addition to the $25.00 amendment fee). Paying the $25.00 amendment fee does not guarantee a change can or will be made.

Cancellation Policy:
Cancelled 20 and more days prior to departure date: 100% refund
Cancelled 10-15 days prior to departure date: 70% refund
Cancelled 5-9 days prior to departure date: 40% refund
Cancelled 4 days prior to departure date: No-refunds

How to Cancel a Reservation
We will process your cancellation/refund request within one to seven business days. We will NOT acknowledge any verbal / over-the-phone request or voice mail. Verbally speaking with our customer service representatives without filling out a request form will not guarantee that your cancellation has been processed or acknowledged. We will NOT accept email cancellations unless they have a complete, signed, and attached Cancellation Form.
• Cancellation must be made by filling out and signing the Cancellation Request Form. Please download the Cancellation Request Form here.

• Contact Email: